Sieg check in

Things have been wild lately! I left Greenville on April 11th and flew to LA. Since then I have driven through 12 states and done a total of three days of shows. We spent some time in Phoenix, LA, Woodward West, WI, Vegas and currently at the moment Denver. I’m about to head out after I’m finished writing this and cruise the streets of downtown. While we were in Arizona I got a chance to check out the new Flagstaff BMX-only park and it was wild! Steep trannies and all kinds of crazy stuff going on there (see attached pictures).

Also got a chance to make it to Joplin for the JOMOPRO thing. I didn’t get to ride due to getting in late on Saturday and missing qualifying. However we got to watch finals and that park is amazing! Drove back to LA and then to Woodward to finally get some decent riding in. Then over to Vegas, up to Wisconsin and now back here through Denver enroute to Vegas again for a show this weekend. I think all in all it has been about 120 hours of driving… give or take. Like I said… it’s been wild.

Had lots of time to play PSP and brainstorm for my yet to be released coffee table book. Anyway… one more show in Vegas, another in Sacramento and then I fly back to Greenville on the 7th! I can’t wait to be back home and ride as much as possible.

Dan Sieg photo Dan Sieg photo Dan Sieg photo Dan Sieg photo Dan Sieg photo Dan Sieg photo

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