Dave Freimuth Roadtrip Stories (Singapore)

Hey, what’s up. Just got back from Singapore for Metro Jam and BMX PIG. Shit was insane. Singapore is without a doubt the hottest place I’ve ever been. I guess being 100 miles from the equator will do that. Both Metro Jam and PIG were in danger of being rained-out from the massive thunderstorms that would drop on the city every afternoon. But, somehow both comps managed to finish despite the weather.

Unquestionably, Metro was one of the best comps I’ve ever been to… the riding level was pushing an 11 out of 10. That’ll happen when you invite 30 or more of the top BMX pros in the world to Southern Asia for a contest. Rob Wise over iced to bs fakie back over on the bank to flat rail to win the best trick. Morgan whipped to ice the big fence to help him win street. Ryan Guettler threw a double flip over the big box and barely slipped pedals. Nyquist 720 barspun the same box. Doyle and Bohan made every big trick possible just look amazing. Mirra, Martinez, and Bas all took themselves out in practice. Harrington killed it until he nearly died on an ice to bs on the big fence. And Osato and Clint Millar rocked their front brakes straight to the finals by doing 540 nosepicks on the bank to flat rail (Osato) and downside whips to nosepick (Millar) whenever they desired. Somehow the Canadian crew with the help of a handful of local workers managed to move the entire street course about 20 miles to the beach in under a day and a half for the PIG game.

Miron came through bigtime when he set up PIG game this time. It was on Siloso Beach just off the mainland of downtown Singapore. Shit was high dollar all
the way. We had the beach, and amazing pool/restaurant/bar, and the entire street course at our disposal for 6 straight days. Once again, the PIG game nearly didn’t happen due to the insanely unpredictable weather, but somehow the gods blessed Jay and his crew and they managed to get it all in between downpours. If you wanna read a bit more about the PIG game check out my entry on FATBMX.com, also Bart DeJong has a bit to interesting stuff to say about Metro Jam and Signapore himself. Thanks Jay and crew for such a memorable trip!

Dave Freimuth roadtrip photo Dave Freimuth roadtrip photo Dave Freimuth roadtrip photo Dave Freimuth roadtrip photo Dave Freimuth roadtrip photo Dave Freimuth roadtrip photo

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