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Yo UGP Peeps!

I recently got back from California, where I saw my doctor and he cleared me to start some “light riding.” I have been to the skatepark here in Chicago every day since I’ve been back. It’s nice to ride a bit, get used to my bike again and get those lovely calluses back! He said it will take some time before my knee is fully ready for all-out riding but at least it’s a start, afterall, it’s only been three months since surgery.

My plans for the next couple months include a possible trip to Singapore for Metro Jam, Woodward/Chenga trip and perhaps another trip out to California. I’m trying to take it one…crank…at a time but I can’t help but try to ride as much as I can now that my knee is getting stronger. I am also testing out my signature frame from DK and so far so good! They should be in production soon and available by summertime! I am the proud owner of my very own gong. I’ve always wanted one just in case I ever felt the need to strike it. It’s loud, cool looking and a sure-fire way to piss off the neighbors. No complaints yet, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I spent the last week going to Ohio and Woodward. The trip was amazing and I got to spend some good quality time with Catfish… always a treat! My knee is getting stronger and I was able to do some stuff I haven’t done in a while thanks to the foam and resi at camp. Back in Chicago now and riding again here in the windy city!

Love, Brian

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