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What’s up everyone! The UGP trip just went down in sunny Florida. The riders on this 7 day trip were [Chad DeGroot], [Tony Malouf], [Adam Baker], and myself. The weather was great and the riding was even better. We rode everything from street, concrete parks, wooden parks, bowls, pools, and trails. Keep your eyes peeled for fresh ads and video in the near future for UGP! In the meantime check out my Q&A on style43.com

Here’s a list of some highlights in no particular order that occurred during the trip.

  • 2 Year Anniversary Jam at Mesh Skatepark with the UGP BMX team
  • Tallahassee steet (especially the colleges)
  • Chad D. trying to put the hustle on me playing pool (I come out on top in the end) haha
  • Mesh Skatepark
  • UGP warehouse
  • Florida weather
  • Adam Baker’s rumble at the bar
  • fountain drinks
  • hotel balcony
  • trails
  • listening to the same cd in the van the whole trip that included Nelly Furtado songs
  • HEEeeaaaaAAW!

Here are some of my photos from the trip.

Karl Poynter photo Karl Poynter photo Karl Poynter photo Karl Poynter photo Karl Poynter photo

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