Catfish update

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Hey boys… Daddy Fat fish checking in. Just got back from almost a month on the road. Drove out to California to do some shows for Maxxis tires. We did a week’s worth of shows up and down the coast. It was wild. We stopped in Vegas on the way out and it was NBA All Star weekend. What a mess! Imagine taking all of the thugs that are in the background of a Lil Jon video, multiply them by 1 million and then dump them in Vegas for a weekend. It was a nightmare. Someone even got shot on the strip. Good times.

We started shows in San Fran and worked our way down. Last year I ran a lady over in Downtown San Fran and I was worried she would find me and hurt me. She didn’t. We did get to hear the Governator speak. It was splendid. I was out there with Brian Hunt, Dane Beardsley, Zack Gerber, and Charlie Bowers. We rode so much stuff it was awesome. Big ups to Adam Baker for giving us directions to an amazing BIKE ONLY park in Flagstaff, AZ. We had an amazing time. We had to bust ass from Long Beach to Toronto to make it for the Toronto BMX Jam. We made it in time and it was glorious as well. Glad to be home. Ready for the next adventure….

Hey guys… just wanted to say thanks for everything UGP does for me. You guys are the best. This is the year of the UGP tattoo.

- catfish

TM note: Road Fools co-host Catfish might be the biggest mess in the BMX world (at least he has got it together on the mic). His dog recently ate a rubber super-ball (swallowed it whole). This after said dog mauled Brad Simms’ face…. Yes, the dog is going on the next Road Fools for sheer entertainment value… Sweet… Want more? Check out the 8 question interview with Catfish that’s posted up on

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